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Universal Sports Marketing (USM) is a diversified sales, marketing, and promotional agency, specializing in branding athletes and teams, filling arenas, and building franchise value. USM identifies and fulfills global revenue opportunities in the rapidly-changing sports world.

About USM

Filling Arenas
Since 1984

Team Management

Beyond the logistics of successfully operating arenas and stadiums, is the critical component of occupancy. An empty arena is the death-knell for sports teams. USM prides itself on filling arenas, ballparks and stadiums, providing ownership with league-leading attendance, public relations hits, and increasing the club's franchise value. USM engages the local communities and blends 501(c)(3)s into the marketing mix.

Athlete Marketing

Today’s sports deities have become their own brands and need to be guided through the minefields. USM advises athletes on branding, marketing, endorsements, speaking engagements, and appearances, while implementing a positive PR plan and creating charitable foundations and events. "Image is Everything," and USM will enhance every star's public persona.

Communications and Media

Understanding the target audience and market it serves (or will serve) is the key to a successful campaign. Demographic analysis and a solid grapevine is essential to making the right decisions, and experience at every level is critical. USM ensures the best media coverage and press relations for its clients: Sports Management Agencies, Olympic Committees, teams, leagues, and athletes.

Event and Tour Production

USM designs and produces investor conferences, tributes, concerts, golf outings, and 501(c)(3) events that contribute to the image of its clients. When executed correctly, the public relations benefits and resulting employee pride is invaluable. Events should be brand-building and memorable, strengthening a company's reputation and industry image.


A consortium of investors (including Michael J. Fox) deployed Warshaw to be their man in Moscow, and he transformed live hockey from a sleepy event to the hottest ticket in town. The swirl of profits enticed global brands such as Baskin Robbins, Coca Cola, and Disney. But not everyone was happy about it. Red Penguins captures a lawless era when oligarchs made their fortunes and multiple murders went unsolved. Polsky gets candid interviews from across the cultural divide.

On the American side, Warshaw and former Pittsburgh Penguins owner Howard Baldwin describe situations spinning out of control. In Russia, Polsky interviews prominent journalists, a former KGB prosecutor, and an infamous Russian businessman.

In the 1990s, American go-getter and consummate salesman Steve Warshaw was
a "weird little bastard" in the eyes of his Russian contacts.
- Thom Powers, Documentary Programmer, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)

Prior to the formation of Universal Sports Marketing, Steven Warshaw developed his skills and relationships during three pivotal career phases: Team Management, Athlete Marketing, and International Ventures.

Warshaw's expertise is focused on generating revenue and relevance for a broad base of global sports clients. From the mainstream: NHL, NBA, USOC, IMG, HBO and ICM to the esoteric: The Kontinental Hockey League, Calumet Farm, World TeamTennis, Rockford Lightning, Bay State Bombardiers, Helena Brewers and Long Beach Ice Dogs.

Steven Warshaw, Managing Director

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